For some of us,
a rabbit hole is the only exit
It’s not a wonderland for us,
because it’s been our home all along
And the bottles need no “drink me, eat me” label
because we’d swallow what we need with no question
When we find ourselves at a crossroad,
we will turn to a Cheshire grin to lead us astray
The Queen of hearts never paid mind to us,
knowing that we’d gladly take our own heads
I personally am infamous for painting all my roses red,
white flowers never quite suited me anyhow



“What is it like to do heroin?”
Asks my ten year old self in drug prevention
There are certain moments that are like the movies-
foreshadowing the future for the featured main character
And we all believe we are the stars in our own show

I wonder if when my ten-year-old self questioned that,
I could ever even fathom the fact that I know the answer now